Sittin' on the dock of the bay.

i miss coming on here

Times are hard.

i’ve got so much pent up rage and frustration in me its probably quite unhealthy

i don’t come on here anymore

you probably already figured that out.

please follow/friend me on other things though!

twitter @MMMikeA

insta @mikejatkins

snapchat @MMMikeA

hopefully see you guys there!

there’s a whole slew of ladies with bad things to say about the taliban

holy fuck i’m 21

i’m such a screw up


public school is so weird tho because you have this institution with all these potentially brilliant minds who will go on to do great things for humanity 

and then you look down at your textbook and its like


(via jayvelazz)

the absolute nerve of some people

the darkest nights make the brightest stars